About Adam 

Adam Bradley is a Software and Technology specialist primarily working in the Transport and Health sectors. With a strong track record of delivering high-quality system solutions and successful organisational change, Adam has built a career that spans many different industries and technologies.

Getting his start with technology early in life, Adam has built a portfolio of skills ranging from electronic design and embedded software to modern mobile applications and big data analytics platforms. Having volunteered at The National Museum of Computing for over 10 years, Adam has been exposed to many different technologies; from the worlds oldest working computers all the way up to vaguely modern high-performance computing products. This gives Adam a rare insight into the history of Computing and allows him to apply a deeper understanding to new developments.

As a Co-Founder and the Emerging Services Director at Infinitive Group, Adam has worked on developing a number of industry-leading products, these include data analytics systems which allow companies such as Transport for London to understand asset behavior, maximise asset performance, reduce costs, and provide a world-class service. As well as his work at Infinitive Group, Adam provides consultancy to the Health Care sector; having previously spent over 6 years specialising in designing, developing, and implementing new and updated software and systems to UK Hospitals.

In his spare time, Adam can mostly be found engaged in some sort of Engineering activity or Travelling somewhere interesting. His current projects include the restoration of an IBM System 360 Model 20, the rebuild of a number of Motorcycles, and the upgrading and modification of a number of cars. Outside of this, Adam engages in Motorcycle Adventure travel, shooting, and occasionally Yacht racing.